Friday, September 28, 2012

Brain Slug - Demo 2011

 "Boston meets NYHC"
 Oldschool NYHC with the youthattack vibe.
New 7'' "Distort New York" available through Hardware Records.

01. Fully Loaded Handshake
02. Vermin Of The Week
03. Permanent Bummer
04. Ignorant Ass Shit
05. Weak Flesh
06. Worthless
07. Hammer Riffing
08. Audition


Retrace - Demo

"Four piece Melodic Youth Crew Hardcore band out of Sacramento, CA formed in August, 2011."

01. Untraveled Roads 
02. Pieces of Myself 
03. Cutting Our Ties 
04. Sinking 
05. A Reminder 

Various Bitrates

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Constant Struggle - Demo 2011

"Constant Struggle is a Hardcore band formed in February 2011 in the sea side town of Manhattan Beach, CA. Looking to fuse their roots of classic California Hardcore with their love of the East Coast’s primitive dance parts, they wrote and recorded their demo and began playing shows. In July 2011 they released the “What Goes Around” EP on Good Times Records, did their first tour of the United States, and played shows consistently on the home front. Upon returning they began working on their Irish Voodoo Records debut “To Live Is To Slowly Die”, a record which lyrically and sonicaly was a huge step up. In 2013 the band plans to tour everywhere in North America that they have yet to be and begin working on their first full length record."
Check out Irish Voodoo Records for copies of their latest 7''

01. Fake Smiles
02. Pure Hate
03. Constant Struggle
04. Hate You
05. Lone Wolf
06. Straight Ahead (Straight Ahead cover)
07. A.C.A.B. (98 Mute cover)

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Friday, September 21, 2012


Featuring members from Out Cold, OBLIVINATION delivers us another awesome demo this year.
Bleeding Edges will have tapes for the eager materialists.
Don't forget to set your house on fire with this one!

All 3 songs as one track:

 01. Compulsive Paranoia
02. Proud To Be Dumb
03. Closet Country

Various Bitrates

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Portside - Demo

"Portside is a female fronted hardcore punk band with elements of doom metal from Stockton, California started in April 2012. For fans of: Sabertooth Zombie, Eternal, Soul Search, Code Orange Kids, Crossed Out, and Sworn Enemy."
Also check out their newest Self Titled EP, available for stream on their bandcamp page.

01. Intro 
02. Land of Desolate 
03. Falling Sun 
04. S.O.S 
05. Seven17teen

Various Bitrates

(Band also made available a mediafire link in VBR, if you're lazy) 

Thursday, September 13, 2012

A Thousand Words - Sinners EP

A Thousand Words, whose 2009 demo i had posted some time before, released a new EP.
After suffering some line up changes, the band took a different turn in their sound, closer to a darker hardcore, in the vein of Rise and Fall, or even Converge.
Awesome EP, available in 7'' as for today through Ruins Records, and CD (Get in touch with the band).

01. 5am
02.  Blind 
03.  Sinners 
04.  Burn 
05. Cursed 
06.  Crosses


(Also Available for free through the band's bandcamp)

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Harsh Reality - MMXI

Kansas City Hardcore with members from Kicked In, No Class  and Attention Seeker, with influences from Ringworm, Buried Alive, Integrity and the likes.

01. Harsh Reality
02. Dead And Gone
03.  Curtains 
04. Nothing Left 
05.  Bleak Existence 
06. The Fear

Various Bitrates 

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Strung Along - Demo 2012

Raw demo from Maine's Strung Along, Hardcore with influences from Think I Care, Cold As Life, Death Threat.

01. Strung Along 
02.  Put Me To Sleep 
03.  Collapse 
04. Remnants
Various Bitrates

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Confined - Demo '12

"Straight edge hardcore band based out of Buffalo, NY, featuring members of No Goal and Our Times. Started in 2010 and recorded a demo in April of 2012."

01. Intro/Song 1 
02. Lost In The Light 
03. Back On My Own 
04. Start Looking Down 

Various Bitrates