Sunday, April 21, 2013

Professor - Corientation

This has got to be one of the coolest records i've found in a while. Professor is the college equivalent to the hellish Satanic Threat's satanic covers of Minor Threat Songs.
Check it!

01. Corientation 
02.  Icebreaker 
03. Reinvent Yourself 
04.  Presidents Day 
05.  This Is Now Your Home 
06. Homesick At Hardcore University 
07.  Meal Plan 
08.  FAFSA 

Various Bitrates

Acousma - Self Titled

Gritty hardcore from prince edward island, Canada.
Get in touch with the band for tapes, although i doubt they still have any...

01. Evading The Pervasive 
02.  Humanity In Words 
03. Outside In 
04. Fire Is Bright & Fire Is Clean 
05. Ancient Transcripts 
06. It Spoke 

Various Bitrates

FLEX - Vices Split

Flex, whose demo i posted earlier just released a split with Vices. They just made their side available at their bandcamp
Get over to RecordDust for 7'' copies.

01. Won't Let It Win
02.  Proud To Be UnAmerican 
03. Holding On

Various Bitrates 

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Pointblank - Demo

"Albany jerks playing Albany hardcore punk.
Too dumb and too stubborn to quit."

01. Reagan's Still Dead 
02. The Hunter (Part One) 
03. Pills 
04. Monster 
05. Joke 
06. Bloodshot Mind 
07. The Hunter (Part Two) 
08. She Kills You Faster

Various Bitrates 

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Stag Party - Demo

"Ugly people playing fast music."
Old School Hardcore Punk from New Jersey.

01.White Rails
02.No Sleep
03. Cast Stones
04. Smoke You Blow
05. Deny It

Various Bitrates

No Empire - 2013

"No Empire was formed in late 2011, wanting to bring something completely different to the Utah hardcore scene. We are a DIY hardcore band and believe that's the way hardcore should be. We believe that the concept of pay-to-play is complete bullshit."

01. Devil's Deed 
02. Wasted Days 
03. Cerberus 
04. All Seeing Eye 
05. Killing Kings

Various Bitrates 

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Disintegrator - No Life 'Til Crossover (Demo)

"Disintegrator play fast thrashy punk metal and pride themselves on delivering a high energy performance which gives punters no choice but to down their beers, ciders and lines, jump in the pit and destroy each other."
Awesome shit, to the band: do get this on a tape asap!

01. Another Day
02. Night of the living shred
03. Thrash is my girlfriend
04. Get in the pit
05. Radioactive Wolf
06. Violence Party
Various Bitrates

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Enforcers - Demo MMX

"Hailing from the city of Montreal and boasting ex-members of A Death
For Every Sin/Final Word,  1990s NYHC crossover in the vein of
Stigmata and 'Best Wishes'-era Cro-Mags."
New record at A389 Records and Lifers Records.

01. Down but not out
02. Dead To Me
03. 9 to 5
04. F.T.W.

Various Bitrates