Sunday, February 24, 2013

Heatseeker - Demo

"Heatseeker are from Warsaw and play raw and pissed hardcore influenced by the boston sound. They just released their demo tape through Elephant Skin Records which already sold out."

01. Age Of Reason 
02. Burn It 
03. Can't Get It 
04. Gasoline 
05. Rats


Grime Watch - Demo I

"With an ethos derived from the various “neighborhood watch” programs transparent in a multitude of communities, the hardcore punk Grime Watch brandish no different an atmosphere. Secretive and possessing a similar disdain for the various “scum” of the streets, the Long Island based Grime Watch assault with punchy bass, aggravated vocals, fast paced rust pipe guitars and machine-gun drums, a better soundtrack for a midnight scuffle than a dirty venue. Stream and download Grime Watch’s criminally short" - Eric Nguyen
"I can only advise you this, watch your back, don't go to sleep, and carry a goddamn knife. YOU ARE BEING WATCHED"
 Get your tape at Pirate Ship Records while they last.

01. Grime Watch 
02.  Scumbag Holocaust 
03. . Scum Dealer 
04. No Sympathy
Various Bitrates

Rat Path - Mean Streets EP

"Formed in the Fall of 2012 Rat Path set out to create a sound that would encompass the collective musical tastes of it's members. The result is Rat Path's debut self-released EP "Mean Streets". The band plans to self-release the EP on 7" vinyl in the Spring of '13."
01. Cold Soul
02. Fools Fortune
03.Trip Hard
04.Sewer Chief

Monday, February 18, 2013

Esoteric Youth - Demo

"The most evil band out of Manchester since Oasis."
Blackened crust/d-beat hardcore from the UK, they breed them good there.
Church of Fuck is re-releasing the demo tape, grab a copy when it's out.

01. Waldeinsamkeit 
02. Canis Pullus 
03.  Ilunga 
04.  Litost 
05.  Hive Collapse

Various Bitrates 

Breaking Ground - Demo 2012

Straightedge Hardcore from Belfair WA.

01. Better Off 
02.  You Lose 
03.  Self Disgrace 
04. T.F.M.C 
05. Clock's Ticking 
06. Infected 

Various Bitrates

Flesh Lite - Demo

Punk Noise act from Winnipeg, Manitoba with a member of the deceased band Sex Basement.
01.  Bed Bore 
02. Phlegm 
03. Old Timer 
04.  Fresh Baggage 
Various Bitrates

Friday, February 8, 2013

Wallflower - Demo

Fresno raw as fuck hardcore punk. 
Tape soon  by Driftwood Records and Fresno's own Dark Raids Recordings.

01. Burn
02. Losing
03. Wallflower
04. Repetition

Various Bitrates

Ego Trip - Demo 2013

"EGO TRIP is a Southern Rise Hardcore band influenced by the likes of Stop and Think, Get Real, Mental and No Justice."

01. Intro/Ego Trip
02. Tamed
03. Punk Complex
04. Shut Out
05. Spineless
06. The Crew


Tuesday, February 5, 2013


As of now my mediafire account has been suspended, which means about 160 or more links are no longer available. Although the links seems to have been randomly selected and deleted, even from bands that have sent me their demos, i don't tend to complaint or get back to mediafire with the risk of having the links banned again for no reason and no explanation.

With the cleaning a few months ago i kinda  expected this sooner or later, and have been posting  bandcamp and band links mostly.

Although i intend to repost the lost stuff (most of it at least), i need to find a good replacement, and it's been hard to find a host as practical and reliable.

In the meantime, "business" as usual.
New updates soon.