Sunday, February 24, 2013

Grime Watch - Demo I

"With an ethos derived from the various “neighborhood watch” programs transparent in a multitude of communities, the hardcore punk Grime Watch brandish no different an atmosphere. Secretive and possessing a similar disdain for the various “scum” of the streets, the Long Island based Grime Watch assault with punchy bass, aggravated vocals, fast paced rust pipe guitars and machine-gun drums, a better soundtrack for a midnight scuffle than a dirty venue. Stream and download Grime Watch’s criminally short" - Eric Nguyen
"I can only advise you this, watch your back, don't go to sleep, and carry a goddamn knife. YOU ARE BEING WATCHED"
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01. Grime Watch 
02.  Scumbag Holocaust 
03. . Scum Dealer 
04. No Sympathy
Various Bitrates

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