Monday, December 27, 2010

No Good Reason - Demo (2007)

"..........Hi,..We are 5 kids that grew up in a town called Almada. We started a band for fun in January 2006 and some months and shows later we recorded a demo. Then we had more shows and recorded more songs and we realized that we really have a lot of fun doing this. Then we bought some cheap flights to the UK and played some shows with our friends ALMOST HOME from Notthingham. We had a lot of fun and spent those days with amazing people we won't forget... .... Message us for CD's, tapes, shirts, shows..... ..Go Vegetarian!"

01. We Close Our Eyes
02. Refuse
03. Equal
04. Time Is Now
05. Break Free


Sunday, December 26, 2010

Avalanche - Among Beasts Demo '10

Cool guys from Austria deliver us their 2010 demo, still available in tape. If you want to support, reach them at their myspace or through

01. Nebuchadnezzar
02. Beast Out Of The Sea / Beast Out Of The Earth
03. Black Death


Friday, December 24, 2010

Void - Hit And Run / Condensed Flesh Demos

Legendary DC hardcore band and one of my all time favorites.
This Bootleg combines the Hit And Run and Condensed Flesh demos, with a live performance at the 9:30 Club.

01. Short Son
02. War Hero
03. Go South
04. Condensed Flesh
05. Controller
06. Revolt
07. Dehumanized
08. Summer Sucks
09. Organized Sports
10. Who The Fuck Are You
11. Annoyed
12. I Don't Wanna Be Like You
13. Black, Jewish And Poor
14. Please Give Us A Chance
15. Please, Sir
16. Time To Die
17. Self-Defense
18. Draft Me, Please
19. No Authority
20. Untitled
21. I Was A Weekend Punk
22. Wasted (Black Flag)
23. Organized Sports
24. Annoyed
25. Controller
26. Revolt
27. Condensed Flesh
28. Black, Jewish And Poor
29. War Hero
30. Get Out Of My Way
31. Go South
32. Who Are You
33. Time To Die
34. Get Out Of My Way
35. Ask Them Why
36. Ignorant People
37. Organized Sports
38. Think
39. My Rules

01-22 : Hit and Run Demo (Nov. 1980)
23-31 : Condensed Flesh Demo (Nov. 1981)
32-39 : Live at 9:30 Club, Wash. DC (Feb. 13th 1983)


Thursday, December 23, 2010

Tremors - Demo Tape

New band from the ex Dirty Money vocalist, pure fuckin hardcore!

01. Hometown Hatred
02. Clean Slate
03. I Do It Cos
04. Police Be With You
05. Addicted To Failure
06. No Comment


Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Deal With It - Demo

"Deal With It are a hardcore-crossover band from England on Reflections Records.
The current line up features Atlas on Vocals, Obo on bass and Pag on guitar (both formerly of Fifty On Red) with Sam joining the line-up lately and Kirky coming in on second guitar. As of July 2009 they have released a demo tape, the World Coming Down 7”/cd and the End Time Prophecies LP on Dead And Gone Records, played hundreds of shows up and down the country and also toured Europe in June 2007, july 2008 and august 2009. Musically early songs can be compared to No Warning and Breakdown, while their newer songs are pushing towards Best Wishes/Alpha Omega-era Cro-Mags and Desperate Measures era Leeway. They have a split 7” with Holland’s New Morality on Demons Run Amock and Flatspot. The second LP Eyjafjallajökull
was released in October 2010."

2006 Demo

01. Clocked Out
02. Flowers In The Attic
03. Dead Weight
04. Kill Yourself


I removed the Waiting for better days demo, as it was not from the same band.
Thanks to Graham for the information

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Low Places - Violent Hunger & Self Titled

"tags: cocaine four loko hardcore punk straight edge weed xanax Los Angeles"

'nuff said.

Violent Hunger

01. Sleeping In
02. Detached
03. The Doors Are Closing

Variable Quality

Self Titled
01. The Storm
02. Malcontent
03. Choir
04. Sleeping In
05. Detached
06. The Doors Are Closing


Extortion - Demo

"Extortion demo 7" on Coffin Cut Records. Full demo recording with Black Flag cover, "Fix Me", plus two new unreleased tracks. Play loud, it's a rough sounding, lo-fi 4 track recording. This is not studio quality." There's still some copies available, so if you want one, get it fast.

01. My own two feet
02. Fuse
03. Extortion
04. A step in the wrong direction
05. Pull the pin
06. Derailed
07. Fix me (Black Flag)
08. Not now, not ever
09. Repeat
10. Fistfight
11. Drawn & quartered
12. Lethal injection

From Hell - Demo

"Thrash/Crust/D-beat band from Michigan", which actually reminded me alot of Converge.

01. Outsider
02. The tempestuous temperment (rage)
03. Sledgehammer
04. Lost

Variable Quality

Thursday, December 16, 2010


I've been reuploading older stuff, links that weren't working anymore and some new covers and all, so go and browse through the archive and get some stuff that past you by before

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Theme Of Laura - Demo

"Theme Of Laura is a french Screamo/Emo/Punk formed in february 2007 and based in Strasbourg,France. Members: Gregory:Bass; Julien:Drums; Stéphane:Guitar/Scream
This is our first demo. Recorded in a weekend of october 2010. It is soon to be released on 100 Cdr with a screenprinted cover on recycled paperboard. Feel free to get in touch if you want a copy. "
Great demo, check them out if you like acts like Amanda Woodward or Mihai Edrisch.

01. Un océan
02. De belles parures
03. Des portes ouvertes
04. Maitriser l'impermanence
05. Un conte ordinaire

Variable Quality

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

On Parade - Demo 2010

Raw oldschool straight edge hardcore from Bakersfield, CA.

01. Misunderstandings
02. Stay In Line
03. Insecurities
04. Vicious Cycle
05. Leave Me Out

Variable Quality

Monday, December 13, 2010

Sannyasin - For Those Who Crucify Us (Demo Tape)

Seminal hardcore band from Portugal, born from the ashes of X-Acto, probably the most important band in the country's hardcore history.
The band also released a split with a great punk band called Zootic.

01. for those who crucify us
02. mind pugilism
03. lifestops - the breathing song
04. resurrection
05. sannyasin
06. lifer
07. depression (black flag cover)


Sunday, December 12, 2010

End Trails - Demo

New Band from Michigan, kind of reminds me of bands like more than life or defeater, but a bit more progressive. These tracks will be available in a 7'' in a couple months, so if you like it be sure to show some support.

01. I'm sick of waking up alone
02. I'm not headed where I should be going
03. Stretched Out Truth
04. Coup d'état
05. Menial Living

Variable Quality

Revenge - Demo

"Revenge is a hardcore/punk/metal band from Western Massachusetts. Their songs focus mainly on complete and utter hatred for the human race and religion, done in a manner that resembles early powerviolence hardcore/thrash metal. They have one self titled, 17 song full length out on Frequency Deleted Records. For fans of Left for Dead, early Outbreak, and Heathen Nation."

01. Intro
02. Going Nowhere
03. Bloodhorse
04. The World Makes Me Sick
05. Darwinism


Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Breaker Breaker - Demo Y2x1

"Breaker Breaker was a straightedge hardcore band from California that formed in 2001. During the short time as a Band, Breaker Breaker put out a self released demo tape that was later repressed as a 7" on Bridge 9, followed by an EP called Out of Service on Martyr Records that was released after the band broke up. After the break up lead singer Mark Kelley went on to be in the even shorter lived band Treason in 2002."

01. Breaking Smiles
02. All I Never Wanted To Be
03. Forget The Words
04. Take My Advice
05. Ps Fuck You


Sunday, December 5, 2010

Broken Bodies - Demo


"This band has gone through both line-up and name changes since its formation. After originally being titled Broken Bodies, they adopted the name Control for a few years. Once French joined the band, they decided to revert back to their original name."
DC Hardcore

01. I
02. II
03. III
04. IV

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Step Back! - Hard To Break (Demo)

Penafihell hardcore, but could as easily have been New York or Cali.
Show them some love by grabbin the new split from Juicy Records.
It's SB Punches YO!

01. Break Loose
02. Life's Blood
03. Oure Home
04. Sink or Swim
05. Step Back!


Thursday, December 2, 2010

Snake Eyes - Demo

"Band of ex-members of Terror and Carry On, as well as current members of Internal Affairs."
These guys fuckin' rocked, it's a shame they broke up.

01. Alone Again
02. Stake Your Claim
03. No Acceptance
04. Said And Done
05. Not Like You