Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Chelsea Smile - Survival of the Innocent

"Chelsea Smile was formed with a group of friends who have a big heart for hardcore music. With
some line-up changes in the past Chelsea Smile now has a solid team and their debut album ‘Survival
of the Innocent’ is released in the summer of 2013. The album reflects their vision on life and
how they see the world. With a mixture of hardcore such as Terror, Trapped Under Ice and Expire
combined with some Nasty and Shattered Realm beatdown influences, Chelsea Smile packs one hell of a punch. Expect some rough mosh and 2step on the dance floor with this set of fresh Dutch hardcore fanatics."

01. Last Night a Beatdown Saved My Life
02. Last Breath 
03.  Rhytm of Your Heartbeat 
04. Abandon Ship 
05. Tidal Waves 
06.  Survival of the Innocent 
07. Wide Awake 
08. Stray Away

Various Bitrates 

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