Friday, April 30, 2010

The Hope Conspiracy - Demo

"With the help of Mark Thompson of Tortuga and Hydra Head Records, The Hope Conspiracy headed to Godcity Studios in Norwood, Massachusetts to record their first demo in November 1999. It consisted of three songs ("Escapist", "Divinity Sickness", and "When the Doves Fly"). They produced 1000 copies of the tape, and managed to present 200 copies at their first show with black and white covers (which were quickly made on the way to the gig). Then they produced 800 more color copies of the demo cover based on a design by Aaron Turner. In early 2000, Turner brought up the idea of the demo cassette being put on CD and 7" vinyl, and the band accepted the invitation. The CD version contained one extra song, "It Meant Nothing". In both demos, the song "When the Doves Fly" was renamed to "Regret Kills". This demo is now out of print."

01. Escapist
02. Divinity Sickness
03. When The Doves Fly


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