Friday, April 9, 2010

Yaphet Kotto - Unreleased Tracks (CD-R)

For something a little different from the usual, here's one of my favorite bands with a very singular release, thanks to Kevin from Fashionable Activism for making this available.
"This is a rip of a Yaphet Kotto CD-R that was supposed to be given away as part of the Portraits of the Past reunion show. The songs were, at least in part, going to be part of a Seein Red' split that never materialized. Yaphet Kotto was to also reunite for a final show. Alas, that didn't happen due to some internal band strife. The CD-Rs were never given away, and were sold shortly thereafter."

01. existance is pain
02. full of mistakes
03. heritage (by jasemine)

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