Friday, January 27, 2012

Take It Back - Demos

Idonesia's coolest guys dropped me the demos from their band Take It Back.
80's vibe Thrash N Roll.
For fans of skatin', thrashin', and fuckin' shit up.
They are looking for bands to share a split with, if you're interested get in touch here.

Demo 2007

01. Skate To The Street
02. Fast Music Is My Life
03. Still Alone
04. Bullshit Poser Hardcore
05. Top Guys
06. Missing Expectation
07 - Me Vs Music
08. Skate Thrash Destroy
09. TV Set
10. What The Fuck
11. Fuck Yeah (Taste Of Flesh)
12. Skate Of The Day
13. Good Damn Songs
14. Skateboard To Hell (Circle Flex)
15. Dear Friend Vs Damn Honey
16. Skateboard
17. Emancipation
18. Fuck What They Say
19. I Hate Anyone
20. No More


Demo 2011

01. Skate and Drunk
02. Let's Go Drunk
03. Hardcore Joke's
04. I Don't Care
05. Hardcore Rockstar
06. I Don't Know What I Do
07. Skate to The Street


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