Monday, March 14, 2016

VURDALAK - Demo 2016

"VURDALAK - is a russian kind of living dead, its like mix of vampire and zombie and that bastard eat flash and drink blood of their living family. 
Of course this is replica of russian president and goverment (vurdalaks face on cover is Putins face) and all lyrics about our tragedy times in economic crisis, social hate and law injustice.
And yes, it is in Russian language, cause it is problems of our people but we want to be heard in other countries.
Genre: raw, dirty hardcore-punk like The flex, Freedom and Hard stripes but with fewer breakdowns and more punk sound."

01. Intro+Вурдалак
02. Ненависть
03. Самооборона
04. Migration
05. Дохлые шлюхи

Various Bitrates

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