Sunday, February 27, 2011

Fools Die - Demo


"After On Equal was put to an end, there was any doubt that another project would soon be brought to life. Willing to do more and better, Ricardo, Dorio, Bruno and Hugo started rehearsing in April 2006 and it wasn't until late November, when Nuno Teles joined in, that the band would be complete. .. ..In February 2007, we recorded our debut demo at Windmill studios in Viana do Castelo, with Ivo Cunha as producer. .. ..One year later Joca joined the band, and in August 2008 we started recording an EP at the Black Sheep Studios in Lisbon, with the producer Makoto Yagyu. .. In March 2009, André Castanho from The Walking Dead joined the band as bass player. .. .. After a few adjustments the EP "Keeping The Thrust" comes out, edited by ourselves, in June 2009."

01. Day One
02. On The Threshold Of Eternity
03. Tune In
04. LXIV AG, Again


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