Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Ice - Demo MMVII


"THE ICE - 2010.... Hailing from the German hardcore scene, THE ICE combines the best of different worlds. Mixing heavy and strong guitars with the sad ambience and melodies of late 80ies' and early 90ies' metal and alternative music scene, THE ICE are setting themselves off from the contemporary music scene. On top of that, driving vocals and a unique arrangement of sythesizers carry a powerful, yet mystic atmosphere that speaks through each song. .. With lots of worldwide touring experience from their former bands, each individual musician in THE ICE contributes to the band's energetic and thrilling live performance. With a very heavy, yet melodic record under their belt, THE ICE is ready to take stages by storm... .. ..Colonia MMVII."

01. Powertrip
02. Spitting Venom
03. Into the Light
04. Shedding Skin
05. Stay Hungry


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