Sunday, February 27, 2011

Cult Ritual - Demos


"Tampa's renown CULT RITUAL, a dense mercurial wreck spinning out of control at every moment. Pulling from a vast and diverse history of influences, these young stalwarts have begotten a beast that teems with contemplative senselessness. Laced with vexation and an inner devotion to authenticity, they stand ready to change your life."
Links taken from their blog, take some time to check out the rest of the EP's, also for download in the blog.

Demo I

01. Weak Body
02. Unhappiness
03. The Hand That Feeds
04. Why Wait?
05. Hot Cement
06. Eat the Police
07. Regret
08. Selfish Songs


Demo II

01. Guiltless
02. Hunger Pains
03. Electric Depression
04. Haunted Ground
05. Nausea (X)
06. Cancer Money



  1. i have some of their records, i thought they were cool, kind of over hyped in my opinion, but what can you do?

    the way they describe themselves is kind of lame. i had no idea that's what they thought of themselves until you posted it... haha.

    hyped on your blog still. massive amounts of downloads from it, keep up the good work!

  2. Thanks for the feedback, means a lot.

    That was the description on the youth attack label, don't know if that's the way they describe themselves. but judging by their blog, maybe it is.

    They may have been a bit over hyped like you said, same goes to most of the youth attack discography, but still great stuff

  3. @matt wes: do you have their demo I or II tape/s ??