Thursday, November 22, 2012

Back Again - Street Justice (Demo)

Italy's been highly active, specially this year, and with great bands and recordings, Back Again is no exception.
"Formed in September 2011 we are an oldschool Hardcore band from Bolzano/Italy, we play the music we all liked, still like and probably will like till death: oldschool 80's hardcore with a punk attitude in the vein of the early releases of Revelation, Schism, x-Claim and Dischord Records as well as the early Agnostic Front records."
They mentioned Floorpunch in the email, so that sold me out right away.
Check it.
01.  Back Again
02.  Hardcore Crew
03.  Street Justice
04. Blind Rage
05. Not for Sale
06. Our Time
07. Total War
08. Friends
09. Your Turn
10. Underground

Various Bitrates

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