Sunday, July 29, 2012

Set Me Free - Only One Flag & Walkin' The Line EP

"Set Me Free is a Straight Edge band from Milan (Italy), born in 2009, with members of Product, No More Fear, The Miracle and Fumbles In Life."
They have just released a new EP called Walkin' The Line and a split with Motivation.
Check Them.

01. Set Me Free
02.  Only One Flag 
03. Fami-Lies 
04.  Help 
05.  Never Surrender 
06. Hey Sandman
 07. Chewed Enough

Variable Bitrate 

 The band was kind enought to share the new EP with the blog, so here you go.
Don't sleep on these guys!

01. The Line
02. Banks Unfair 
03. Still Proud 
04. Wonderful World 
05. Your Internet Account 
06. NWO 


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