Sunday, October 7, 2012

Razoreater - Necropolitan

"Razoreater are an extremely venoumous and hateful 5-piece from Peterborough. Church Of Fuck is extremely proud to be able to present to you the bands first recorded output, 'Necropolitan'. Having perfected their particuarly nasty form of dark metallic hardcore relatively early on, this release sees the band unleash an ocean of spite upon humanity. As harsh as it is heavy, this will appeal to fans of Integrity, Entombed and COF's own Swinelord."
Church Of Fuck will have a limited tape run of the demo, don't sleep on it.

01.  Necropolitan 
02. Hashishins 
03.  Mind How You Go 
04.  The Weyward Coven 

Various Bitrates

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