Sunday, August 26, 2012

Down Again - Voices

"Representing the new wave of hardcore from San Diego, Down Again play a fast, pissed off, slightly metallic brand of hardcore with plenty of mosh parts and singalongs played over angry and pessimistic lyrics and vocals that sounds a bit like current kings Retaliate and Terror and old favorites Integrity and Judge.
Started in 2006 in Brian Mark's garage. The Down Again demo was released that summer with a follow up full length record on Nick Jett's (Terror) label New View Records. It is now out of print. Brian Mark remains a great friend but was replaced by Cesar Ruiz in 2008. With the emergence of Take Offense, Down Again slowed down but never broke up."

01. I Am Nothing
02.  No Reason
03. Dying
04. The Loser
05. I Won't Succeed
06. Ending Now
07. Voices(In My Head)
08. I Am Your Hate

Various Bitrates

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