Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Floorpunch - Fast Times at Jersey Shore Rehearsal Demo


"Originally formed in 1995, Floorpunch really made a splash in the hardcore scene that would continue until the end of the decade when they broke up. In 2007 they reunited and have been playing here and there since, even touring Europe recently. Whatever you might think about them, they played a major part in helping to jump start the "hardcore revival" of the mid/late nineties, and really professed a love for NYHC in a way a lot of straight edge bands of that era hadn't. Without question, they've left a big impact even on today's current hardcore scene. "

Celebrating the recent released discography, here's a little pearl that floats around.
Sounds crappy but still, if you are into it check it out.

01. let it ride (instrumental)
02. the answer
03. washed up at eighteen
04. washed up at eighteen (second take)
05. change of heart
06. turn away
07. turn away (second take)
08. shottsie
09. gaining ground
10. point of view
11. untitled
12. holding on
13. what's right