Sunday, July 4, 2010

Darker Days - Demo

"In March 2008, former members of M.O.B (Adam Conde/Joe Brock) and newcomer Vincent Karbowski took a shot at starting a band. After a whole year of practicing, 5 drummers and 3 guitarists later, the lineup was finally set with drummer Rex Walz (ex-Vialoux) meeting up with the band in May of 2009 and guitarist Jas Nowicki (ex-Dudleys/SATET) joining in late December 2009. Since its inception, Darker Days has slowly grown into a full time project in which all of it's members have put their heart and soul. In October of 2009, we released our first E.P. with the hope of drawing in listeners with melodic riffs, unique vocals and a uniquely driven rhythm section. For now we will continue to play shows and spread the word about our music, so stay tuned and hopefully you will either see or hear something you like."

01. Fear of Change
02. Life After Death
03. At These Speeds
04. One More Night


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