Sunday, July 4, 2010

Pigeon - Demo

"These are the pigeon, these clever birds that brighten the hell of our cities of their beautiful gray dress. With this sweet name, one could almost expect a rehash of Pelican, Red Sparowes or other birds if properly installed in the field of Post-Rock.
Not at all. Pigeon is completely the opposite and instead tap into the Funeral Hardcore. Exactly, and it must be said that the term is not usurped. Holy slowness range in the standard way of Illusions Paranoid - Paranoid Delusions of Pulling Teeth, sealing oil as do the Black Sheep Wall, with a good dose of dark and violent than disown a hearing III - Architects Of Troubled Sleep Cursed ... Here is a brief overview of the influences of Rennes combo that lets loose with this demo of two songs a big task Hardcore disgusting that such a big sticky droppings on a window.
A first draft that is dripping, glaucous especially damn nasty drape a world whose slowdowns do nothing to make things more comfortable. A vice and violence that creeps slowly into us on two tracks including the first, "Birth Control Manifesto", by contrast postcore its passages and tension between the almost trippy atmospheres and melancholic arpeggios and fury in the riffs as heavy as lead. The second, "Anchorite" plunges us into the shallows dirty and unhealthy, provides numerous breaks with a chaotic end to be crushed from all sides. Anyway after listening to these two songs started, you can easily understand why they are found in Throatruiner Records label with a fine taste and a few pleasantries wedged between the s / t Neisseria and How To Hate Is Hard to Define Plebeian Grandstand.
In short, this first demo Pigeon already exhibiting a style that more strongly on hopes an upcoming extended in duration, history of taking in even more teeth."

01. Birth Control Manifesto
02. Anchorite


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