Sunday, March 10, 2013

Jurassic Penguin - Home

"This is Home. We recorded this after moving to Australia and being homeless for a few months, drinking way more than was good for us and leaving all of our friends and our family that we had made over 18 - 22 years of life in New Zealand.
We moved to try and make something of ourselves as musicians and as people but ended up nearly breaking up countless times and falling in and out of faith, in ourselves and what we we're doing in Australia. We got through and wrote this record, this is us, raw, scared, alone and sorry, its us questioning what we are and realising nothing is the same anymore, constantly alone regardless of location.
But more than anything it is now a positive to have this all out and to be sharing it with you. It is who we are and we do it for you, without you - we're nothing. Simple as that, enjoy."

01. Naah Bo 
02.  Busy Divisons 
03.  Cool Kids 
04.  The World Is Fucked and So Are You
05. Empty Faith 
06.  Everybody Hates Chris 
07. Consume 

Various Bitrates

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