Sunday, March 10, 2013

The Fanboys - Demos

Hardcore punk rock with thrash and doom metal influences from Long Beach, NY, with members of Grime Watch and a lot of references to the interwebz.

Doesn't get rawer than this!

Demo Gear Solid

01.  Lameintroll (Old Man's Advice) 
02.  Button Masher 
03. Casual Bro Gamer Hype Machine 
04. We Get No Girls 
05.  Stop GameStop 
06. Prehistoric Fapmaster 
07.  P.M.A. (Positive Mental Asshole) 
08. Eat. Shit. Game. Sleep. Repeat.
09.  I Turned into a Meme
10.Lameoutroll (Senile Improv)

Various Bitrates

Demo Gear Solid II

01. Forever Alone
02. Crunch Time 
03. Into The Friend Zone 
04. Hikikomori 
05. I Still Love You Yorda 

Various Bitrates

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