Friday, August 28, 2009

Kickback - The Demos

I'm going to do a little Kickback special, since i got the 2 demos and the long out of print 7''.

Kickback is the longest running European hardcore band, with an album released just a few months ago, and certainly the hardest.

The Meaning Of Pain (1991)

1. Be My Guest
2. Street Cleaner
3. Harder They Fall
4. Times Of Hate

vbr (Low Quality)

No One Gets Out Alive (7'') (1992)

1. My Reality
2. Sins
3. Preacher Of Lies
4. Crumbling


Démo 4 Titres Inédit (1993)

1. On My Feet
2. Sins Pt.2
3. Darkside Rising
4. Scared Inside


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