Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Supertouch - Death Before Dishonor Demo (1987)

So... Supertouch needs no introductions, but this demo does. There is a lot of confusing information about this demo. Some label it as the first Supertouch demo, and some the Death Before Dishonor demo (bands name before Supertouch). It's unclear to me, if anyone can point it out, please do.
I'll post the 1988 demo later on.

01. Deadlock
02. Am I Wrong?
03. (untitled)
04. True Colours Don't Run
05. Inner Strength
06. (untitled)
07. (untitled)


EDIT: If you want a polished version of this recording with the addition of their demo, please check out thanks to Vinnie Filippini for the info.


  1. It's a great tape, but was never really released as a demo. Just a tape of recordings the band did at Don Fury to give out to try and find new members, and to give out to friends. If you want a really clean sounding version of the demo, check my blog here:
    it also has the 88 demo and the WNYU set, cleaned up as well.

    The original DBD was Mark Ryan, Mike Judge and the Yu brothers, although i don't think that's the lineup on the tape


  2. Thanks for the information, love your blog by the way