Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sidetracked - Is Not With You (Demo)

Not to be confused with American band with the same name, these guys come from Germany and through their own words:
"We're around for some years now. Due to the fact, that we emanate from different bands, we did years ago, nobody really knows the point since we do our crap as 'sidetracked'. Definitions of music usually suck, so let's say we play some punk-hardcore-thrash and get your own impression. We always try to express our view to this world, with all our love, hate, joy and frustrations, so we're a very energetic, fast and lusty band and as I look back, we don't become quiter over the years. We care for antifascistic actions, for people, who have something to say and for songs with substance. Unpolitical equals braindead. Some last words: We're a punkband, we don't care for big-business-shit, we're not around to make some money with the things we do. It's totally disgusting to see how stupid and bumptious some so-called punk- or hardcorebands behave just to move mainstream against long odds. Fuck you, we're not with you.

01. Intro
02. Chapter Two
03. No Exclusive Club
04. Sick Prick
05. Straight Forward
06. I'm Not With You
07. Kidding Queers


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