Friday, September 2, 2011

Lifedeceiver - Demo Sessions


"Four souls ready to devastate this planet with messages of metaphorical positivity and the imagination of catastrophic proportions. Exploring the simple art of frequencies blasted at all kinds of speeds. we are here in our favor but willing to accept yours. these roads may seem dark and lonely but nothing is made for nothing. eight hands grabbing that which is dear and eight eyes releasing all thats bared with the pumping of each blood cell within each vain within each muscle within each single drop of sweat! we will try to make it worth every second, if not then all is well because trying is never a failure. don't let your eyes cheat you or your life deceive you. we are the deceivers and once again we are ready, at arms, for whats to come."

01. Intro/Needless
02. The Massive
03. Riot In Hell


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