Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Korova - Another Happy Customer

"Korova are not from New York, Boston, or Los Angeles. Korova are not mysterious, moshable, or fashion-oriented. Korova would not look good in a spread in your magazine. Korova will probably never play SXSW, CMJ, or the Warped Tour. Korova do not sport good hair or slick merch. Korova does not cater to a scene. Korova are not ironic. Korova play punk rock because they fucking like it and the world is a fucked up place."

They have a demotape coming out anytime soon, show them some love.
Thanks for the support Ian.

01. My Vietnam
02. Laughing Under Main Street
03. An Seanachai
04. Dead Man
05. Running In Circles
06. The Rest is Noise
07. Degrassi Fight Music
08. Factotum
09. Chaucer
10. Ninth Circle
11. A Season in Hell
12. Queen's Gambit
13. Factor X


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