Saturday, March 14, 2015

Tarsius Tarsier - Ceremonia de Atadura de Manos

 "All of us have played (or we’re playing) in bands as Knowledge is a Weapon, Trecedeluno, Muerdelágrimas, Lösung or Forzuda.  Two years ago, we gathered with the idea of play fast, dark and intense music… and Tarsius Tarsier was born.  Although we didn’t look for the sound of a particular band,  we love From Ashes Rise, Ekkaia, Disfear, Converge, Orchid or His Hero is Gone, to name just a few."
CD release by Longleslongarms records from Japan.

01. El Desprecio
02. Garganta y Bengala
03. Tara
04. Ciénaga
05. Espuela
06. Mataviudas
07. Una Chica Cortada en Dos
08. El Ruido de Morir

Various Bitrates

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