Monday, March 29, 2010

Congress - Demo

"Congress formed in 1993, when all HC activity in europe was low... Most bands played either straightforward youthcrew HC or emo/post HC. Congress tried to blend the aggression and fury of HC with the technique and heaviness of metal. The successtory started in 1994 with the release of the classic 7"/MCD 'Euridium'. The term Edgemetal was born, the H8000 style of HC was created and lots envied that style and area. Goodlife contacted the band and in 1995 the milestone in metallic HC 'Blackened Persistance' was released. Congress found itself in a leading place touring with bands like Neglect, Morning Again, All out War...and playing festivals with either metal- or NYHC bands. In 1998, they released 'Angry with the Sun' in which the band mixed old school HC with black/trash/gothic metal and played concerts at the legendary 'Dynamo Open Air', 'Graspop' and 'Dour festival'. One release later ('Stake through the Heart', which meant the end of the bands' existence) the band fell apart. "

01. I deny
02. Prayers
03. Conspiracy
04. Congress


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