Sunday, November 15, 2015

Wild Child - Demo 7''

Wild Child's demo tape re-released in 7'' through Fashionable Idiots Records.
"Guest services at Fashionable Idiots and the shady PR Firm of Rock Bottom Records thought that local degenerates, Wild Child had such a raging demo that it should be pressed to wax and available to the masses. They smashed their heads together and here we are. Thanks to a swift kick in the ass by Mammoth Sound Mastering this thing rips a lot harder and will melt yer record needle instead of clog up that old reel to reel cassette deck, cool. Wild Child plays unhinged hc/punk that may bring to mind sounds of Boston not LA, but with an LA vocal delivery ala Darby snarl."
01. You Know Rough
02. Just A Thought 
03. Bogged Down 
04.  Nice Out 
05. Genie 
06. Piss Down A Drain 
07. Under The Bed 
08. The Date
Various Bitrates 

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