Friday, January 6, 2017

Brain Slug - Live In Power

"New York's sleeping giants, Brain Slug, return with their long-awaited full length record, "Live In Power". Eschewing all trends, this record draws inspiration from every corner and every era of hardcore in the greatest city in the world. From A7 to ABC No Rio, CBGB's to Coney Island High, this is no-frills hardcore punk for purists who need substance over style without sacrificing the abrasion. Think Citizen's Arrest trying to rewrite Set It Off. Live In Power or die like a fool...

LP available soon from Just A Audial, distributed by Material World/Katorga Works in the US and Hardware Records in Europe."

01. Feeding Chain
02. Year Of The Rat
03. Merciless
04. Live In Power
05. Fuck That Noise
06. Death Is My Master
07. Hunger Pains
08. Iron Arms
09. Last Man On Earth
10. Crush Life
11. Mortar & Brick
12. Checkmate
13. Winter In America
14. Erase Me
15. Time Has Come / Written In Blood

Various Bitrates

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