Friday, January 6, 2017

Vardagshat - Glesbygden Blues

"Hailing from the dark woods of Sweden, Vardagshat (loose translation: everyday hate / casual hate) plays fast and violent hardcore under the influence of old school hardcore, punkrock, crust (or basicly most things thats distorted). Sometimes screaming about the agony of being unemployed and broke as fuck, and sometimes about that sweet taste of a tongue shriveling cup of cheap coffee. Our first recording "Glesbygden Blues" will be released on casette by Bloodsoaked records and is avalible for free download on bandcamp. We're currently looking for labels to put it out on a 7". If anybody's up for the task please keep in touch."

01. Laddparadise
02. Uncle D.
03. Glåpord
04. Svart Guld
05. Förtidsruinerad
06. Glasbanken
07. Förfall
08. Arbetsförnedringen

Various Bitrates

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